A Semester of Blue Skies


Rebecca speaking on behalf of a fossil fuel divestment resolution

Post by Rebecca Singleton, Blue Skies Campaign’s Spring 2014 intern: This semester I had the opportunity to intern with the Blue Skies Campaign. I worked with the Blue Skies team to try to make Montana a cleaner state. Throughout the semester I had a variety of jobs, mostly involving spreading awareness on the problems of coal exports and the hazards of coal train traffic, as well as organizing and preparing for the rallies and actions that blue skies put on.

When we weren’t planning for upcoming rallies, Blue Skies was working closely with other non-profit organizations and student groups, including Reinvest Montana, which is pushing the University of Montana Foundation to divest from fossil fuel companies. I joined the Reinvest crew and helped tabling and events in the UM Oval.

Blue Skies’ actions this semester were aimed at reducing the amount of coal exports coming out of Montana, as well as reducing the coal train traffic coming through the communities along the rail line. To achieve this goal, we focused our attention on gaining support from Montanans. Blue Skies has a growing email list of people all over Montana. With this contact list we kept people informed about up coming events and opportunities they could participate in to show support for this issue. We made No Coal Exports yard signs, which we gave out to Missoulians so that decision makers could see that Missoula supports clean energy.

Overall this has been a great experience for me and I enjoyed working with the Blue Skies team. I look forward to doing more work with Blue Skies and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish.

Rebecca interned with Blue Skies Campaign during the spring 2014 academic semester.  Interested in doing a Blue Skies internship this summer or fall?  Email blueskiescampaign@gmail.com to let us know!

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