The Blue Skies Story

Blue Skies Campaign is using creative direct action and grassroots organizing tactics to build a movement for a better future. Our goal is to protect the great State of Montana and its citizens from pollution caused by the mining, transport, burning, and export of coal, while building a sustainable and resilient economy.

Our History 

Blue Skies was founded in 2011 by a group of volunteer activists in Missoula.  Since then, we’ve put pressure on major financiers of the coal industry, spearheaded the passage of a resolution against coal exports through the Missoula City Council, worked with physicians and small business owners to organize opposition to coal exports, held trainings on non-violent direct action in Missoula and other Montana communities, partnered with groups across the state, and coordinated two of the largest climate-related direct actions in Montana history.

Our Current Work

Our current projects include pressuring billionaire Forrest Mars Jr. to drop his financial support for the Tongue River Railroad coal transportation project; partnering with local businesses to show that coal exports are bad for the economy as well as the environment; and engaging the public in the Department of Environmental Quality’s review of Arch Coal’s Otter Creek Mine permit application.

Our Future

Blue Skies is dedicated to building an even larger grassroots movement to stop coal exports in Montana, and usher in a clean energy future.  We’ve accomplished a lot, but much work remains to be done.  Volunteer and become a part of Blue Skies’ future!

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