Call Governor Bullock About Coal Exports

Governor Steve Bullock can to stop Arch Coal’s coal export plans.  As Montana’s top elected official, he overseers Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality, the agency that will decide whether to give Arch a permit to build the Otter Creek Mine on state lands.  Gov Bullock needs to hear that Montanans don’t support selling coal to an out-of-state corporation at a subsidized price, merely so that company can profit off of selling the coal to China while leaving our communities to deal with the pollution.

You can help makes sure Gov Bullock does the right thing.  Call his office at 406-444-3111, and let him know you want his administration to reject coal export mining on state lands.

After you call, please fill out this short form to let us know you took action.  Here are some suggested talking points for when you call:

  • Coal is bad for children.  Montana’s state lands are supposed to be managed for the benefit of today’s schoolchildren.  But climate change and pollution from coal exports threaten the future these children will inherit.  State lands should be used for sustainable industries that can generate tax revenue for schools while preserving our children’s future.
  • Montanans have a right to a clean environment.  Montana’s state constitution guarantees citizens the right to a “clean and healthful environment.”  But residents of rail line neighborhoods exposed to pollution from coal trains, as well as people living near the sites of coal mines, are being deprived of this right.  We need Governor Bullock to stand up for every Montanan’s right a healthy environment.
  • Montana can’t afford more climate change.  Montana is already being hurt by the effects of climate change.  It’s lengthening the drought and wildfire season, reducing our snowpack, degrading prime fishing streams, and hurting our agriculture and tourism.  Opening new lands to coal mining is the single worst thing Montana could do for the climate, and is a risk we simply can’t take.

You can call Gov Bullock’s office at 406-444-3111.  When you make your call, you’ll most likely speak to a staffer in the Governor’s office.  Be sure to stay polite and respectful, but firm.  After your call, make sure you let us know how it went.

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