Community Leadership

Mining and exporting Montana coal threatens public health and the environment, while jeopardizing the things that make Montana special.  For these reasons, local governments, small business owners, health professionals, and other community leaders are speaking out loud and clear against coal export proposals and for a healthier future.  Check out Blue Skies’ work to oppose coal exports with:

Small Businesses 

Coal exports mean big money for out-of-state corporations, but transporting coal will hurt local businesses that depend on a healthy environment and a clean economy.  Twenty Missoula-area businesses have already spoken out against coal exports.  Learn more here.


images (1)Physicians and Health Professionals

Mining coal in Eastern Montana, transporting it by rail, and burning it in overseas power plants causes pollution that threatens the health of our families and communities. Montana physicians are speaking out about the public health dangers of coal exports. Learn more here. 


Local Governments

Pollution and traffic congestion caused by coal trains threatens communities up and down the rail line used to transport coal through Montana. Local governments in impacted towns are speaking out to ensure these communities’ voices are heard. Learn more here.

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