Small Businesses

Strip mining and exporting coal may generate millions for big, out of state corporations. But small business owners understand that Montana’s economy is stronger when we invest in clean energy that creates long-term jobs while protecting the environment.  

Below is a letter from Montana business leaders opposing coal exports.  Check out the list of businesses who are speaking out for a cleaner future.

Statement from Business Owners Opposing Coal Exports

We, the undersigned business leaders and representatives, support protecting the health of Montana’s air, water, and climate. We believe increased air and noise pollution from additional coal train traffic would have a negative impact on jobs and businesses in Montana. Traffic congestion, resulting from an increased number of coal trains passing through Montana towns, would likely affect the flow of local business and result in negative economic impacts. We therefore oppose Arch Coal’s proposed Otter Creek Coal Mine, and similar coal mine-for-export projects that would lead to more coal trains clogging our rail system.

We realize coal export mines and coal trains are not merely a local issue, but one that will affect all Montanans because of the crowding of our railway system, and regional environmental and public health concerns. Expanded coal mining, transport, and export would have environmental impacts that would in turn have negative consequences for businesses in Montana. We urge state, local, and federal decision makers who will decide the fate of coal export projects to act with these serious concerns in mind.

Signed so far by:

Stensrud Events Center

Shana’s Heart of Healing

The Green Light Apparel and Home

Shakespeare & Co

Rehabilitation & Health Counseling

Small Wonders Futons

Ear Candy Music

Lake Missoula Tea Company

Jeannette Rankin Peace Center

Piece of Mind

C2D Ranch

Cedar Mountain Software

O’Connell Designs


Design Farm

Missoula Community Food Co-Op

Betty’s Divine


Naturalist’s Mercantile

Empanada Joint

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